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Why do I need a self warming facial mask?

Heat energy generated by the product mimics the effects of using skin care products during a hot bath or SPA, it promotes blood circulation, increase skin metabolism, cleans oily residue in skin pores and makes for easy cosmetics absorption.

Is the temperature right for the skin?

When the product package is opened, our product will reach 40°C (102°F) within 2 mins and stabilize at around 55°C (131°F), the temperature will self balance and will not over heat. Use for 20-30mins per session is the perfect relaxation time for the skin. (Usage time and temperature may vary slightly with different room temperature)

Can I use the product with any skin care cosmetics?

Our product is designed to be used with any brand or any type of skin care products (i.e. facial mask, essences, cream, lotion etc.) to help increase skin absorption.

Which age group can use it?

The product is universal fitting and it can be used by adults of any age group.

Can expecting mothers use it?

Our product is non-allergenic and the heat generation is mild and self balanced, expecting mothers can use it as well!

Does it contain active skin care ingredients?

No. Our product was designed to help your skin metabolism through heat, and achieve a better absorption of the any skin care products that you already owned and use regularly.

Why do I feel sleepy when I use the product?

Because the warmth generated by our product will relax your skin and sooth your mind, it may help you to sleep better.

How long does it take to warm up?

When you first open the package, in 2mins our product will reach 40°C (102°F) and stabilize at around 55°C (131°F) within 10mins (room temp. at 25°C/77). Temp. reached can vary slightly in different room temperatures.

Is the product single use or can I use is multiple times?

We have a single use model which can be used for single 30-40mins session, and a multi-use model which can be resealed in our air-lock bag and can be reused for 2-3 30min sessions.

What is the magic behind the heat generation?

Each product is individually sealed, upon opening oxygen from the air will cause the heat generation material to oxidize, gently giving off heat.

What’s the best time of the year to use it?

Our product can be enjoyed all year around, and especially in winter when doing facial can be too cold and uncomfortable.

When not to use the product?

Do not use on open wounds, dermatitis, skin infections or any severe skin disease area.

What’s is the benefit of heat to the skin?

Heat when applied to the skin can relax facial muscles, increase blood circulation and metabolism, making the skin feel smooth and refreshed. Heat can also improve sleep quality, reduce facial swelling and fine wrinkle.

What is the material in touch with my skin?

We use a metallic layered non-woven material that’s non-reactive to cosmetics and non-allergenic to the skin. The heat generation material is sealed in and does not get in contact with your skin, it is also biodegradable.

How do I use it?

Step 1: Apply your favorite facial mask/cream/lotion/essence normally.
Step 2: Put on our product.
Step 3: Relax!

Who is the product most suitable for?

Our product was design with the busy schedules of city life style in mind, to help those who need a regular salon skin treatment but does not have the time or energy to visit a SPA regularly.

Will it cause a skin allergy?

No. Our product does not apply an active cosmetics ingredient to your skin, it only enhance your skin absorption when used with your skin care cosmetics you have at home. The heat generation material in our product is sealed and does not get in contact with your skin.

How does it stay in place on my face?

Our product was design to fit any size or head shapes by using flexible soft non-woven head band and soft Velcro to comfortably and securely to achieve the right fitment.

Does it fit any face shapes?

Our product was design to accommodate a wide range of face shape and sizes, our unique 3D structure also help to create a more comfortable and tight fitment for most faces.

How long does the heat energy last?

Single use model has a energy reserve of around 30-40mins. Multi-Use model has an energy reserve of around 2-3hrs, with suggested use of around 25-35mins per session, it can be used for 2-3 time. (Usage time and temperature may vary slightly with different room temperature)

Is the product scented?

We have non-scented, lavender, rose and sandalwood versions for your selection, to help your achieve the perfect mood during your skin care treatment.

Do I have to use immediately after opening the package?

After the pack has opened, the heat generation process will begin, to not waste the heat energy and achieve the best results, use immediately after opening.

Where can I use the product?

Your can use our product anytime anywhere your feel comfortable, whether during a short lunch break, on the plane or the last thing before bed, it’s never been more simple to take care of your skin.

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